About Ousia Music

Ousia definition is – true being : entity, essence, substance.

We focus on providing modern editions of Renaissance music for Lute and Voice. Whether editing original facsimiles so that they fit on the music stand, or reinterpreting songs locked away in white mensural notation for modern musicians, there’s something for everyone in our back catalog.

People who make the Music

Philip Horne holding a lute over his shoulder


Philip Horne

Philip began playing the lute 20 years ago, after 15 years of painfully bad classical guitar playing. He has taken private lessons with Phil Rukvina, Ed Martin, Crawford Young, Pat O’Brien, and Paul O’Dette. He has also participated in Master classes with these and other fine lute players including Hopkinson Smith. He plays a beautiful 6 course lute made in 2017 by British luthier Malcolm Prior. In his down time when he’s not playing the lute, he teaches mathematics.

Matthew Royal looking like a boss


Matthew Royal

Matt works with databases, but in 2007 earned his degree in Music at Pensacola Christian College. He loves tedious tasks such as alphabetically sorting file folders, entering data into forms, and transcribing frottole into modern musical notation. When not busy comforting his 2 co-dependent cockapoos, he sings Renaissance music and spends too much time online.

Contact Us

If you would like us to email you with announcements about new publications, or if you have Questions, comments, compliments, performance requests for Lutevox, etc, our email is: lutevox@gmail.com.

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